November 2022

Michigan Democrats achieved an astonishing feat in this year's midterm elections controlling all three branches of state government in 2023. This is an impressive reversal considering before the 2018 midterm elections, just a few years ago, Republicans held full control of both chambers of the legislature and all executive branch offices.  Democrats will now wield control of the entire Michigan government for the first time since 1984. Jason Roe, a Republican strategist who served as the director of the Michigan Republican Party before his

Democrats have fared significantly better in the midterms than many pundits and analysts expected, they have held control of the Senate and so far kept their losses in the House to a minimum. This electoral success is especially surprising given the historical precedent that the president’s party tends to lose a considerable amount of seats in midterms elections. President Biden has credited the “historic” turnout by young voters for the successful Democratic performance. The data so far suggests that Democrats defied expectations because of

Nevada voters have approved a ballot measure by 52.8% establishing open primary elections where the top five candidates advance and a ranked-choice voting system decides the victor in the general election. The system will now be put into place for state and federal elections but will not be used in presidential elections. Nevada had previously had closed primaries where people can only vote for candidates with the same political affiliation as their voter registration and voters could only cast their vote for one candidate

Former President Donald Trump was the clear leader of the Republican party heading into the midterm elections making many endorsements and raising hundreds of millions of dollars to help Republican candidates. Trump, and Republican leaders in general, hoped for a Republican landslide but as returns came in on Tuesday evening the “red wave” never materialized. In one of the most crucial races in Pennsylvania,  Trump-backed Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz lost to Democratic Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman. Similarly in Michigan, Trump-endorsed Gubernatorial hopeful Tudor

Republican Kari Lake is behind Democrat Katie Hobbs with over half of precincts reporting. Even though things could change and ballots are still being counted, the Republican candidate has already begun casting doubt on the election results. Lake is an election denier who won her primary election falsely insisting that the 2020 election was rigged and stolen. Lake is now suggesting without any evidence that there could be problems with Tuesday's election results, even though votes are still being tabulated and results could change