Following the 2020 presidential election, Fox News, a network that had built record profits and ratings catering to the fans of then-President Donald Trump noticed millions of those viewers tuning out from their programs. This led to an internal split between Fox’s top stars, who were working to retain their audience by amplifying misinformation regarding the election, and Fox reporters, who were working to debunk many of those same false claims of election fraud. Several reporters said they were being punished for simply doing

Gen Z voters turned out at historic rates in the recent midterm election. In fact, Gen Z and millennial voters achieved their highest rate of voter turnout in history with the exception of the 2018 election. A newly obtained post-election report on Gen Z conducted by the education advocacy organization, Murmuration, the Walton Family Foundation, and the public opinion firm SocialSphere sheds a light on what young voters are focused on as they cast their ballots in increasingly high numbers. The main findings of

Florida County election supervisors are imploring the state to toss out new vote-by-mail restrictions set to go into effect next year, claiming the measures could create serious logistical and security issues. The new identification requirements would require voters to provide a driver's license number or partial social security number on their ballots. Local election leaders claim these new requirements will create election reporting delays, various new costs for local election offices, and will potentially disenfranchise many voters. The state's new vote-by-mail measures are part

Recent polling shows that three quarters of American citizens want members of Congress to compromise with the other political party, but they are not optimistic that this will happen. Seventy-four percent of Americans surveyed expressed a desire to see politicians compromise, but 58% also said they have no confidence that politicians will do so. This shows a significant increase in the pessimistic view Americans have of politicians' ability to reach across the aisle considering in 2008 only 23% of Americans surveyed said they do

Nevada voters have approved a ballot measure by 52.8% establishing open primary elections where the top five candidates advance and a ranked-choice voting system decides the victor in the general election. The system will now be put into place for state and federal elections but will not be used in presidential elections. Nevada had previously had closed primaries where people can only vote for candidates with the same political affiliation as their voter registration and voters could only cast their vote for one candidate