Trump’s favorite candidates disappoint on Election Day, raising questions about his 2024 pitch

Former President Donald Trump was the clear leader of the Republican party heading into the midterm elections making many endorsements and raising hundreds of millions of dollars to help Republican candidates. Trump, and Republican leaders in general, hoped for a Republican landslide but as returns came in on Tuesday evening the “red wave” never materialized. In one of the most crucial races in Pennsylvania,  Trump-backed Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz lost to Democratic Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman. Similarly in Michigan, Trump-endorsed Gubernatorial hopeful Tudor Dixon lost her race to the incumbent Democratic Governor Gretchen Witmer. The night was not a complete loss for trumpist candidates, with Senate candidate J.D. Vance defeating Democrat Tim Ryan in Ohio, but there’s no doubt that looking at the election holistically, Trump backed candidates underperformed. The most colossal Republican victory on Tuesday night came from Trump’s most likely rival for the 2024 Presidential election, Republican Governor Ron Desantis of Florida, further complicating Trump’s future electoral prospects.  Trump hinted at announcing his candidacy for the upcoming presidential election over the weekend, but it remains to be seen how he will handle these noticeably disappointing Republican midterm results.

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