September 2022

A Trump-appointed district court judge in Washington, D.C. has thrown out a counter-suit brought against Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. The counter-suit was brought by a lawyer, Sidney Powell, who is facing a defamation suit from the company after she spread unsubstantiated theories that Dominion Voting helped rig the results of the 2020 presidential election. Sidney Powell’s argument that Dominion Systems had behaved improperly when suing her for defamation was brought in the form of an “abuse-of-process” claim. However, Judge Carl Nichols has written in

The US Supreme Court is scheduled to hear a case this October 4th on congressional redistricting decisions in Alabama. Voting rights activists have sued the state for packing a substantial number of Black Americans into one congressional district in order to dilute the rest of the Black population’s voting power across the state. Many observers who agree with the activists’ argument are nevertheless concerned that if the Supreme Court’s conservative super-majority of justices rules in favor of the state of Alabama, the decision could

The US Senate appears likely to pass within the coming months a bill to reform how electoral votes for the President of the United of the States are certified in Congress. The bill, a version of which has already passed the House of Representatives, would raise the threshold of votes needed for congressional objections to be brought against a state’s electoral counts, making it more difficult for congress members to question the results of an election. The legislation would also clarify that the role

In an effort to increase citizens’ confidence in the integrity of the election process and encourage them to turnout and vote, officials of Tarrant County, Texas are inviting members of the public to witness and participate in the state mandated tests of the voting machines. Those participating will have the opportunity to fill out an absentee ballot or an in-person ballot and run it through ballot scanners.         Visit The Dallas Evening News to learn moreImage Credit: LarsPlougmann (CC BY-SA 2.0)

A study conducted by the Election Law Journal concluded that New Hampshire imposed the highest “cost of voting” of any state in the Union. The study cited the state’s lack of options for qualifying for mail-in ballots, its absence of early in-person voting opportunities, and its requirements for voter identification. New Hampshire Secretary of State David Scanlan criticized the report as “flawed,” citing high voter turnout in his state.        Visit WMUR to learn moreImage Credit: AlexiusHoratius (CC BY-SA 3.0)