December 2022

Republican National Committee Chairman Ronna McDaniel is facing significant backlash from Republican leaders regarding her effort to secure another two-year term, with several rivals questioning her viability to retain her seat. However, in an interview with Fox News Digital, McDaniels pushed back on the criticism describing her backing as “pretty solid” and further claiming over 100 RNC Committee members already pledged their support. If she remains the RNC Chairwoman McDaniels would begin a fourth two-year term which is unheard of in recent years. McDaniel’s

Following a strong Democratic showing in the 2022 midterm elections President Biden said his, “intention is to run again.” In a recent meeting with reporters Biden emphasized his family's support, saying that his wife, Jill Biden, already told him not to “walk away” from the important work he is doing. But, Biden’s expressed desire to run again has not silenced many Washington insiders who speculate, often privately, their lack of confidence in the President’s ability to serve until the age of 86. Low approval

Recent polling shows that three quarters of American citizens want members of Congress to compromise with the other political party, but they are not optimistic that this will happen. Seventy-four percent of Americans surveyed expressed a desire to see politicians compromise, but 58% also said they have no confidence that politicians will do so. This shows a significant increase in the pessimistic view Americans have of politicians' ability to reach across the aisle considering in 2008 only 23% of Americans surveyed said they do

Texas Republicans began laying the groundwork for a number of state level voting changes, including an election police force like the one Florida created prior to the 2022 midterm elections. GOP State Senators and Representatives have already prefiled 20 bills that will be seriously considered when the next legislative session begins in January. The proposed legislation falls into three categories: legislation that would impose harsher penalties for infractions; expand the state attorney general’s authority to prosecute election and voting crimes; and create a new

Maxwell Alejandro Frost, a 25-year-old activist and Democrat, recently became the newly elected representative for Florida’s 10th Congressional District defeating 72-year-old Republican Calvin Wimbish by 19 percentage points. Frost’s victory makes him the first member of Gen Z to join Congress.  In a speech following the midterm election, Frost emphasized, “Gen Z and millennials make up a third of our country, but we are nowhere near a third of government, and I think we need a government that looks like the people.” A recent