Democrats would have gotten crushed this election without young voters

Democrats have fared significantly better in the midterms than many pundits and analysts expected, they have held control of the Senate and so far kept their losses in the House to a minimum. This electoral success is especially surprising given the historical precedent that the president’s party tends to lose a considerable amount of seats in midterms elections. President Biden has credited the “historic” turnout by young voters for the successful Democratic performance. The data so far suggests that Democrats defied expectations because of a historically large age gap that saw young voters overwhelmingly back Democratic candidates. Looking more closely, Democratic House candidates won voters under the age of 45 by 13 points, while losing voters age 45 and older by 10 points. The Democratic advantage among young voters becomes even more pronounced when focusing on voters under 30, which Democratic House candidates won by a whopping 28 points. When considering the progressive increase in Democratic support from young voters over the past few election cycles, it becomes clear why President Biden was so eager to praise young voters. The President is correct that they have become an essential part of the Democratic coalition.

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Image Credit: Garry Knight (CC0 1.0)