Kari Lake raises unfounded doubts about election results in Arizona governor race that’s too early to call

Republican Kari Lake is behind Democrat Katie Hobbs with over half of precincts reporting. Even though things could change and ballots are still being counted, the Republican candidate has already begun casting doubt on the election results. Lake is an election denier who won her primary election falsely insisting that the 2020 election was rigged and stolen. Lake is now suggesting without any evidence that there could be problems with Tuesday’s election results, even though votes are still being tabulated and results could change significantly. In a speech Tuesday night Lake described the midterm election as “groundhog day” going on to say that, “We had November 3, 2020, that was called incompetency 101,” and further suggesting that the same “incompetency” is on display in the current midterm election. In response to her opponent’s ambiguous electoral claims, Democrat Katie Hobbs said, “We know my opponent and her allies have been sowing doubt and confusion throughout this campaign, and it’s unacceptable that they were spreading misinformation today while people were exercising their right to vote.” Hobbs also attempted to calm the tension surrounding the race saying, “I know we’re all eager to find out who won each of these incredibly important races, but we will need to be patient and wait for every vote to be counted.” The race has yet to be called, Democrat Katie Hobbs currently in the lead (Wednesday 10:02 ET) with 50.33 percent of the vote to Lake’s 49.67.

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