Michigan Democrats achieved an astonishing feat in this year's midterm elections controlling all three branches of state government in 2023. This is an impressive reversal considering before the 2018 midterm elections, just a few years ago, Republicans held full control of both chambers of the legislature and all executive branch offices.  Democrats will now wield control of the entire Michigan government for the first time since 1984. Jason Roe, a Republican strategist who served as the director of the Michigan Republican Party before his

Former President Donald Trump was the clear leader of the Republican party heading into the midterm elections making many endorsements and raising hundreds of millions of dollars to help Republican candidates. Trump, and Republican leaders in general, hoped for a Republican landslide but as returns came in on Tuesday evening the “red wave” never materialized. In one of the most crucial races in Pennsylvania,  Trump-backed Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz lost to Democratic Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman. Similarly in Michigan, Trump-endorsed Gubernatorial hopeful Tudor

After facing pressure and backlash from voting rights groups, a number of major businesses are condemning the recent voting reform bill passed in Georgia. This CNBC report features a series of statements from corporate leaders criticizing the bill, including Delta, Coca-Cola, Porsche, UPS, and Home Depot, each of which are based in Georgia. In response to this criticism, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp argued that these companies are ignoring the actual content of the law, pointing to the provisions which expand access to the ballot

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has made it clear that Senate Democrats will take “appropriate action” if Senate Republicans choose to block their signature voting rights bill, the For the People Act. Specifically, this may involve changing the rules around the filibuster, which requires 60 votes in order to advance most legislation. The House of Representatives passed the For the People Act on March 3, and the Senate Rules Committee is set to begin consideration of the bill on March 24. The For

Voting rights activists in Georgia have put pressure on some of the state’s largest corporations—including Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Home Depot, and UPS—to condemn recently passed bills which restrict access to the ballot box and stop donating to Republican lawmakers who support them. These efforts have produced mixed results thus far, with corporations issuing general statements in support of fair and secure elections, without specifically criticizing Republican-passed election bills. Visit CNBC to learn more. Voter Education Week Young adults will be the nation’s largest voting bloc in the