Author: Nate Gundy

While President Biden likened efforts by Republican state lawmakers across the country to restrict voting access to “Jim Crow on steroids,” he rebuffed calls from his fellow Democrats to reform or eliminate the filibuster in order to pass a federal voting rights bill. “What I want to do is I'm trying to bring the country together, and I don't want the debate to only be about whether or not we have a filibuster or exceptions to the filibuster or going back to the way

Having joined roughly 60 fellow Texas Democrats who travelled to Washington, D.C. in protest of Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s call to consider new voting policies, State Rep. Phillip Cortez has returned to Austin, TX. While Cortez continues to support his fellow lawmakers who remain in D.C., he says he has decided to work with a small group of Democrats in Texas who have opened discussion with state Republicans over a newly introduced voting bill. Gov. Abbot, who had threatened to arrest truant Democrats upon

Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State Veronica Degraffenreid has decertified Fulton County’s voting systems after the thinly populated county submitted to an “audit” from an organization whom Degraffenreid holds was not authorized to examine the voting machines. Fulton County will now almost certainly have to purchase or rent new voting machines for the next election. While Fulton County acceded to pressure from GOP state lawmakers to submit to a “forensic investigation” of their machines, other Pennsylvania counties have refused. Visit Associated Press to learn more. Jimmy Emerson, DVM

President Joe Biden will hold a private meeting in the White House, with a number of groups, concerning voting rights. Voting rights advocates have been calling for the President to do more for the issue since the Senate blocked an ambitious election reform bill last month. While Biden has announced that he intends to “speak extensively” on the matter and is considering “going on the road on this issue,” firm plans have yet to be announced. The groups President Biden will be meeting

US District Judge J.P. Boulee has ruled against an attempt to overturn portions of a recent Georgia voting law. The Coalition for Good Governance, who filed the lawsuit, had hoped to invalidate, in time for upcoming state run-offs, a provision requiring voters to request absentee ballots at least 11 days before election day. While the effort to file an injunction before the run-offs has failed, the Coalition’s larger lawsuit against the voting law is still pending in federal court.      Visit the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to learn more.