Author: Nate Gundy

The Environmental Defense Fund has announced it will oppose Donald Trump’s bid for the White House, calling the former president's positions on climate policy even worse than they were four years ago. Trump has repeatedly said during campaign speeches that if elected he will “drill, baby, drill” referring to oil production. He has also repeatedly bragged about pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate agreement, a move President Biden reversed, and he has made multiple comments criticizing electric vehicles.Visit NBC News to learn

According to a witness who overheard part of the phone call, then-President Donald Trump told then-Vice President Mike Pence that his decision to uphold his constitutional duty and certify the results later that day would be “a political career killer” on the morning of January 6th, 2021. The witness, a White House valet who was with Trump during most of the day, described the phone call to the now-defunct House committee that investigated the January 6 insurrection. He recounted a direct threat delivered by

With so many Americans constantly on their phones, deep in their own echo-chambers, and actively avoiding politics, it can be challenging for politicians and campaigns to connect with potential voters. The Biden campaign is attempting to use a new app to fix this problem. The smartphone app called “Reach” matches up phone contacts with a national Democratic party voter database, including information about voting history. Additionally, the app supplies a regular stream of pro-Biden content and messages that volunteers can personalize and text directly

In a recent instagram post pop star Taylor Swift recommended that her fans, “vote the people who represent YOU into power.” Swift has yet to endorse a candidate for the 2024 presidential election; Joe Biden’s campaign is reportedly seeking her endorsement while Trump has publicly said that Swift would be “disloyal” to her fans if she openly supported Biden and right wing pundits have suggested that the music star is a “psy-op.” If Swift decides to make an endorsement it could hold significant sway

Several warning signs show that many Nikki Haley supporters will not coalesce behind Donald Trump in the presidential election. Super Tuesday exit polls in California, North Carolina and Virginia found that between 80 percent and 95 percent of Haley primary voters in those states would be "dissatisfied" if Trump won the nomination. However, with many Haley supporters identifying as independent or left leaning, some believe it was unlikely that many of them would ever support Trump in 2024. Visit ABC News to learn moreImage Credit:Gage