Americans are sick of lawmakers bickering. They don’t have much hope that will change

Recent polling shows that three quarters of American citizens want members of Congress to compromise with the other political party, but they are not optimistic that this will happen. Seventy-four percent of Americans surveyed expressed a desire to see politicians compromise, but 58% also said they have no confidence that politicians will do so. This shows a significant increase in the pessimistic view Americans have of politicians’ ability to reach across the aisle considering in 2008 only 23% of Americans surveyed said they do not expect congressional leaders to compromise. Many Americans claim they are just tired of the constant arguing. Stacey Boushelle, a 50-year-old independent who consistently voted Republican prior to the 2016 election said in response to the political bickering, “you have to meet them where they are. Otherwise, you just alienate them, and it’s a hard division, as opposed to trying to reach some and trying to bring them back.” It is also worth noting that neither Republicans nor Democrats were viewed favorably by respondents to the poll. A mere 41% of respondents said they view Republicans favorably and, similarly, only 42% of respondents view Democrats in a positive light.

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