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A bill regarding voting identification requirements approved by Nebraska voters and introduced by Sen. Julie Slama, was advanced from the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee last week after being amended to focus on photo IDs. Slama had sought more far-reaching requirements, including verification of voters’ citizenship, notarization of mail-in ballots and audits of witness signatures for mail-in ballots. The amended version of the legislation would include a wide range of identification voters could present at the polls including passports, driver’s licenses, military and

Tech-inclined political scientists and computer engineers have long warned that artificial intelligence could pose a major threat to our electoral system; AI tools can now create cloned human voices and realistic images at a low cost, leading to a rapid spread of misinformation. Especially considering social media algorithms' ability to disseminate information quickly to targeted audiences, dirty campaign tricks may soon reach a new low in the 2024 presidential election.  Visit Associated Press to learn moreImage Credit:mikemacmarketing (CC BY 2.0)

Vivek Ramaswamy, a Republican presidential candidate, recently advocated for raising the minimum voting age to 25 unless young Americans have served at least six months in the military or pass the citizenship test ordinarily administered to immigrants seeking naturalized citizenship. During a campaign event in Urbandale, Iowa Ramaswamy said that the absence of national pride is a major issue in the United States and that raising the voting age could, “create a sense of shared purpose and responsibility amongst young Americans to become educated

Many voters with disabilities face barriers at the polls that politicians and the public at large rarely consider. A missing ramp or doorknob can turn into a significant struggle for disabled voters, and a lack of empathy or assistance from poll workers can compound these issues. Since 2016, the Department of Justice has entered over 30 agreements or settlements to force better access for disabled voters in cities and counties across the country under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Visit Associated Press to learn moreImage

A Pennsylvania judge, on Thursday March 23rd, has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Republican National Committee that attempted to prevent counties from helping voters make sure their ballots count by fixing minor, technical issues on mail ballot envelopes. The judge said county courts, not statewide courts, have jurisdiction. Commonwealth Court Judge Ellen Ceisler agreed with the state’s Democratic administration in the ruling, emphasizing that the counties themselves have the authority under state law to make rules, regulations and instructions necessary to run an