Biden’s Bullish 2024 Talk Does Little to Tamp Down Chatter

Following a strong Democratic showing in the 2022 midterm elections President Biden said his, “intention is to run again.” In a recent meeting with reporters Biden emphasized his family’s support, saying that his wife, Jill Biden, already told him not to “walk away” from the important work he is doing. But, Biden’s expressed desire to run again has not silenced many Washington insiders who speculate, often privately, their lack of confidence in the President’s ability to serve until the age of 86. Low approval ratings and high inflation are two other key detractors in the President’s viability as a candidate in 2024. However, the positive results of the midterm elections have bolstered Biden’s support among Democrats. Former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile recently said that she is, “not going to abandon a president who is winning.” Biden aides and allies have also scoffed at speculation that he would not seek re-election, saying that the President should be taken at his word when he says he will seek a second term.


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