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Republican Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed a package of election law changes Friday including the state’s first photo identification requirement and shortened windows after election day for returning and curing ballots. Governor DeWine claimed in a statement that the new laws will positively influence election security. Among the various election changes, the new laws will also prohibit curbside voting for all citizens without a disability and limit drop boxes to one per county, which must be located on the local board of elections property.

Virginia Thomas says she regrets texting the then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows following the 2020 Presidential Election. The text messages were especially concerning to many considering Thomas is married to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. In reference to the messages, Mrs. Thomas told the House January 6th Committee, “I would take them all back if I could today.” Thomas is a long time conservative activist, in the text messages referenced by the January 6th Committee Thomas pushed Meadows to stand with then-President

Republicans and Democrats are both entering 2023 with many questions and concerns about the candidates and policies they want to support as the 2024 election comes into view. After a disappointing midterm election, the challenges of the upcoming election cycle are especially prevalent for Republicans. With a slim congressional majority and a plethora of intra-party divisions, California Representative Kevin McCarthy is fighting for the House speakership. Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee hopes to solve its own leadership problem with the election for RNC Chairperson

Following a strong Democratic showing in the 2022 midterm elections President Biden said his, “intention is to run again.” In a recent meeting with reporters Biden emphasized his family's support, saying that his wife, Jill Biden, already told him not to “walk away” from the important work he is doing. But, Biden’s expressed desire to run again has not silenced many Washington insiders who speculate, often privately, their lack of confidence in the President’s ability to serve until the age of 86. Low approval

A number of state-level law enforcement units were created after the 2020 presidential election to oversee voter fraud, but more than two weeks after the recent midterm elections they have found no instances of systemic problems in our voting system. Many election experts expected this result and have described the creation of voter fraud task forces as more of a political move than an actual effort to combat potential cases of electoral fraud. When asked about the voter fraud agencies created by GOP governors