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Before the midterm elections, experts feared the potential for chaos at the ballot box. Following the tumultuous 2020 presidential election, there were reasonable fears that poll watchers in several states who had been exposed to conspiracy theories would cause trouble for citizens casting their votes or officials administering the election. Meanwhile, many Democrats and voting rights organizations feared that new voting legislation passed in states across the nation would lead to voter suppression, especially among marginalized groups. However, election day and the early voting

Several Republican candidates are in a round of finger pointing after a lackluster performance in the recent midterm elections. Several of the Republican candidates, most of whom were first time candidates that emphasized far right positions, fell short in their fundraising which hurt their chances of electoral success. The failure of individual candidates to raise sufficient campaign funds forced party leaders to make challenging choices, having to decide which candidates would be the best use of their resources. Underwhelming GOP funding gave Democratic candidates

A Montana judge struck down three Republican-sponsored laws that restricted voting in the state, ruling that the laws were unconstitutional and saying that there was no evidence of the widespread voter fraud the laws were ostensibly targeting. The laws ended same-day voter registration, imposed new identification requirements on students, and restricted third-party ballot collections. Jaqueline De León, a representative of the Blackfeet Nation, Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, Fort Belknap Indian Community, and the Northern Cheyenne Tribe says that if the laws are allowed

Claiming an illegal bias in favor of racial minority voters, Wisconsin Republicans have asked the United States Supreme Court to put a stay on a decision made by their state’s highest court. Because Wisconsin’s Democratic governor and Republican-dominated legislature could not reach an agreement on how to redraw their state’s election maps based on the 2020 census, they appealed to the Wisconsin State Supreme Court to make a final ruling. While the chosen maps still give an overall advantage to Republican legislators, they do