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Progressives have expressed concern over a provision in the For the People Act which could have devastating consequences for the immigrant community. Specifically, they are concerned about the provision which requires automatic voter registration when applying for a driver’s license or state identification card. If a non-citizen immigrant on a visa or green card were mistakenly registered to vote, it could result in their being permanently barred from attaining U.S. citizenship. Progressives and Democrats are in conversation about whether to address this potential loophole

In response to state Republican efforts to restrict voting access and threats of boycotts from voting rights activists, corporate America has begun issuing statements on the issue. Voting rights advocates argue that the corporate response to the coronavirus pandemic and racial reckoning following the death of George Floyd helped prepare corporations to weigh-in on voting rights. Activists are pleased with corporate statements criticizing Republican voting restriction bills, and are working to ensure that corporations take action. Republicans have rejected corporate criticism and may take

Florida Republicans have introduced a new bill aimed at improving voter confidence by restricting access to the ballot box. The bill in question would require voters to request mail ballots more frequently, add more identification requirements for mail voting, and limit how drop boxes are used. It would also ban giving any item—including food and water—or interacting with voters within 150 feet of a polling location. This provision is similar to one included in a recent election reform law enacted in Georgia.Visit NBC News

Democrats and Republicans in Congress are squaring off for what may become an intensely bitter fight over the For the People Act, as massive voting rights and ethics reform bill being pushed by Democrats. Given the lack of support among Republican senators, Senate Democrats are considering whether to reform or eliminate the filibuster in order to pass the bill. Democrats and progressive organizations see the bill as a necessary counter to the nationwide effort among state Republican lawmakers to pass bills restricting voting access.

Republican lawmakers in Texas have introduced over two dozen bills which would limit voters’ access to the ballot box. These bills include eliminating drive-thru early voting, limiting early voting hours, shrinking the time period when mail-in ballots can be returned, and penalizing local election officials for not purging voters quickly enough. As has happened in several other states in the wake of Democratic victories in the 2020 election, these bills have been introduced in the name of preventing voter fraud, though there is no