GOP’s Lackluster Fundraising Spurs Post-Election Infighting

Several Republican candidates are in a round of finger pointing after a lackluster performance in the recent midterm elections. Several of the Republican candidates, most of whom were first time candidates that emphasized far right positions, fell short in their fundraising which hurt their chances of electoral success. The failure of individual candidates to raise sufficient campaign funds forced party leaders to make challenging choices, having to decide which candidates would be the best use of their resources. Underwhelming GOP funding gave Democratic candidates an opportunity to get their message to voters with less push back from the other side. According to an Associated Press examination of campaign finance data, in key battleground races Democratic candidates outraised Republicans by a factor of nearly 2-to-1. In Arizona Democrat Mark Kelly outraised Republican Blake Masters nearly 8-1, in Nevada Democrat Catherine Cortez Mastro raised $52.8 million to Republican Adam Laxalt’s 15.5 million, and in Pennsylvania Democratic Senator-elect John Fetterman raised 16 million more than GOP opponent Mehmet Oz. Former President Donald Trump also contributed to Republicans fundraising woes; Trump gave his endorsement and helped to fundraise over $100 million for several first time Republican candidates, but he only ended up spending about $15 million of the funds he raised helping the candidates. Many of the losing Republican candidates however have directed their anger not at the former president, but rather Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. In a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, Blake Masters, a failed Senate Candidate from Arizona, called McConnell “incompetent” and went on to say that if McConnell had, “chosen to spend money in Arizona, this race would be over. We’d be celebrating a Senate majority right now.”

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