Maricopa County election official moved to ‘undisclosed location’ for his safety following social media threat

Bill Gates, the chairman of the Maricopa County board of supervisors, has been moved to an undisclosed location due to serious threats over social media regarding the recent midterm elections. Election workers across the country, but especially in Maricopa County, Arizona, have faced a steep rise in threats following the 2020 election when former President Donald Trump promoted a series of lies about the election. Just last week a meeting of the Maricopa County board of supervisors became volatile when some attendees began pushing conspiracy theories and berating officials, some attendees even demanded the midterm election be nullified. Kari Lake, the GOP candidate for governor endorsed by Donald Trump, and Kelly Ward, the Arizona GOP Chairwoman, have both shared videos over Twitter in an effort to promote distrust of the election process. Gates has been vocal over Twitter amidst threats to his personal safety emphasizing that the election was administered fairly. When asked by NBC News if any technical issues could have influenced the election Gates said that the county’s handling of the situation should give voters confidence in the election process.

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Image Credit: Flagvisioner (CC0 1.0)