Author: Nate Gundy

Conservative attorney John Eastman is facing disbarment for allegedly devising a plan to keep Donald Trump in the White house after losing the 2020 presidential election. Eastman is expected to testify before the State Bar of California this week in a proceeding which could result in losing his license to practice law in the state. Mr. Eastman faces 11 disciplinary charges regarding his development of a questionable legal strategy aimed at helping Trump remain in power by disrupting the counting of state electoral votes.

Justin Jones and Justin J. Pearson, two Democratic state representatives in Tennessee who were expelled by Republicans over gun violence protests, both won primary races for their old seats last Thursday night. Preliminary results show that not only did the representatives win their primaries, they won overwhelmingly. The primary victories could serve as a message to Tennessee Republicans that Jones and Pearson retain significant support in their districts and could also provide momentum for advocates of gun legislation ahead of a special session scheduled

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled last week in a 4-3 decision that an August election scheduled by Republican lawmakers, which could make it harder for abortion rights supporters to amend the state constitution, can proceed. The ballot measure in the upcoming election allows voters to decide whether to raise the threshold of support required for future state constitutional amendments to 60%, currently only a majority is needed. The ruling is a significant blow to reproductive rights advocates, who had filed a suit to prevent

After multiple years of criticizing mail voting and so-called ballot harvesting as “ripe for fraud,” Republican party leaders want to change their strategy. The GOP now plans to launch ambitious get-out-the-vote campaigns for 2024, endeavoring to match the emphasis on early voting that Democrats have used for years to lock in their supporters prior to election day. The goal is to encourage voters who support Republican candidates that early voting techniques are secure and to make sure they turn in their ballots in time

Maine is expected to vote in the state Legislature this month to elect its governor using ranked-choice voting, potentially becoming the second state to elect its governor using the new method. Alaska is the only state that currently uses ranked-choice voting to elect its governor, but both Maine and Alaska use the ranked-choice voting in presidential and congressional primaries. Supporters of ranked-choice voting say it deters “spoiler” candidates and encourages cooperation, civility, and moderation.  Visit News Center Maine to learn moreImage Credit:MoneyforCoffee (Public Domain Certification)