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Georgia voters are facing technical difficulties and long lines as early voting for the general election begins. Some voters reported waiting in line for up to 10 hours, but many have also reported being in good spirits and determined to have their vote count. Georgia has historically been a Republican stronghold, but both the U.S. Senate and Presidential elections are close and could result in a Democratic victory. Visit the The Guardian to learn more. Image credit: Getty / Elijah Nouvelage / Stringer

Courts in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan have recently given voters using mail-in ballots more time to return and have their ballots counted for the general election in November. Republicans in each of these states are urging state and federal to reconsider these changes. Voting rights advocates are still concerned that mail-in ballots will be dismissed over small technicalities, and both the Biden and Trump campaigns are gearing up for intense and widespread litigation over valid mail-in ballots after Election Day. Visit The Guardian to learn