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In a recent instagram post pop star Taylor Swift recommended that her fans, “vote the people who represent YOU into power.” Swift has yet to endorse a candidate for the 2024 presidential election; Joe Biden’s campaign is reportedly seeking her endorsement while Trump has publicly said that Swift would be “disloyal” to her fans if she openly supported Biden and right wing pundits have suggested that the music star is a “psy-op.” If Swift decides to make an endorsement it could hold significant sway

Donald Trump’s efforts to court rightwing billionaires into financing his presidential campaign are bearing fruit as some donors who supported him four years ago, but then gave their money to his primary rivals, are returning to the former president. During a visit to Las Vegas last month, Trump successfully wooed Robert Bigelow who previously donated to Desantis’s failed presidential campaign. Bigelow pledged $20 million to Trump’s campaign along with another $1 million towards the ever mounting cost of Trump’s legal woes. Bigelow is just

Major news networks projected Donald Trump as the winner of the Iowa caucuses just a half hour after they began. Exit polling demonstrates that Trump’s hold on both rural America and the Republican base remains strong. Additionally, other Republican candidates Nikki Haley and Ron Desantis are in a close battle for second place, leaving Trump with a commanding lead and no decisive alternative. Visit The Guardian to learn moreImage Credit:National Archives and Records Administration (CC0 1.0 DEED)

Early voting for Virginia’s consequential 2023 election began Friday September 22nd, with every seat in the state’s senate and house of delegates up for grabs. Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin surprised many members of his party by advocating for Republicans to get out to the polls and cast their ballot during the early voting period. While this action may not seem out of the ordinary, former president Donald Trump’s false claims regarding widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election centered on early and absentee

Multiple Virginia Democrats including Congresswoman Abigail Spangberger and state senate candidate Jason Ford are emphasizing the importance of the upcoming off-year election for reproductive rights in the state. Democrats are concerned that if Republicans take full control of the general assembly it could jeopardize abortion access in Virginia. The election may have broader implications as well, experts believe the results could provide a clear indication of voters' sentiments ahead of the 2024 election. Visit The Guardian to learn moreImage Credit:Drnette (CC BY-SA 4.0)