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Arizona Democratic Representative Ruben Gallego announced he will seek the nomination for the Senate this Monday, attempting to defeat incumbent and newly independent Senator Kyrsten Sinema. Sinema, who recently changed her party affiliation from Democrat to Independent, has been an important swing vote throughout her time in the legislature. Gallego claims his decision to challenge Sinema is not due to her leaving the Democratic Party, but rather because she has not kept her promises to the citizens of Arizona. Gallega emphasized this point saying

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that former President Donald Trump signed legal documents challenging the results of the 2020 election that consisted of voter fraud claims he knew to be false. Trump claimed that Fulton County Georgia had improperly counted more than 10,000 votes of dead people, felons, and unregistered voters even though Trump’s attorney, John Eastman, had notified Trump that the numbers were inaccurate. Trump still verified under oath that the complaints regarding Georgia voters were true to the best of his