Trump or Desantis? Neither, Say Ukrainian-American Voters Angry at War Stance

Ukrainian-Americans, traditionally a Republican-leaning group, could have a significant impact on the 2024 general election according to lawmakers, strategists, and a Reuters analysis of U.S. census data. While there are only about 1 million Americans who identify as being of Ukrainian descent, they are densely distributed among competitive areas like Michigan and Pennsylvania where their votes could be decisive. In recent interviews with 22 Ukrainian-American activists, voters, and strategists within the community, they universally expressed anger and betrayal over the Republican presidential candidates stances on defending their ancestral homeland following Russia’s invasion last year. George Stawnyczyj, a Ukrainian-American who previously voted for Donald Trump, claims that he will either stay home or even potentially cast his ballot for a Democrat in future elections. The retired truck driver and local Republican Party official emphasized this saying, “The way Trump is talking right now, getting into bed with Putin, there’s no way I can support him.”

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