Since the end of the 2020 election, states have taken wildly divergent approaches to voting reform legislation. While some, including Georgia and Iowa, have passed laws which critics claim will reduce access to the ballot box, others, including Maryland and Massachusetts, are expanding access. In this report, NPR highlights four states where restrictive measures are being considered and have a strong chance of becoming law: Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Michigan.Visit NPR to learn more.  Voter Education Week Young adults will be the nation’s largest voting bloc in

Dominion Voting Systems has sued Fox News for defamation after several of the network’s hosts entertained and applauded conspiracy theories concerning the 2020 election. This suit, plus those against Trump allies Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Mike Lindell, represent an attempt to hold those who spread disinformation about the 2020 election accountable. While some are concerned that such suits could be used as a weapon against journalists, more find that combating disinformation is worth the risk.Visit NPR to learn more.  Voter Education Week Young adults will

The House Administration Committee is reviewing a challenge brought by defeated Iowa Democrat Rita Hart against freshman Republican Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks, who won the race by just six votes. In a legal brief sent to the Committee, the attorneys for Rep. Miller-Meeks argue that since their client has the certification of election under Iowa law, the matter is closed. The attorneys for Hart argue that 22 ballots which were tossed out should have been counted, which would have resulted in their client winning the

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has taken executive action to restore voting and other civil rights to an estimated 69,000 Virginians with felony convictions. In Virginia, a felony conviction loses their civil rights, which only the governor can restore (with the exception of firearm rights). This action brings the total number of people Northam has restored voting rights to over 111,000.Visit NPR to learn more.  Voter Education Week Young adults will be the nation’s largest voting bloc in the upcoming election and the National Voter Education Week

Democratic and Republican lawmakers in Kentucky have shown support for an election reform bill that both expands voter access and shores up election integrity. The bill provides for three days of early voting access and allows people to fix signatures if they signed their mail-in ballot incorrectly while also banning ballot harvesting and making it easier to remove people who have moved out of Kentucky from the state’s voter rolls, among other provisions. Kentucky, which had some of the most restrictive election laws before