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Tim Scott, South Carolina’s first Black senator and the first southern Black senator in over a century, is traveling to early primary states sharing his vision for a more unified country as he lays the groundwork for a presidential campaign. In a recent speech in Des Moines, Iowa Scott said that he saw a, “new American sunrise” that burns better than before. ABC News spoke with GOP activists and strategists who believe Scott is seeking to gain voters' support through consensus building and policy,

Democratic candidate Jennifer McClellan will face Republican Leon Benjamin on Tuesday February 21st in a special election for Virginia’s 4th Congressional District. The election is being held to determine who will fill the seat of late Representative Donald McEachin who passed away in November after a battle with colorectal cancer. McClellan is favored to win the election based on the area's voting history and, if victorious, she will make history as Virginia’s first black woman elected to Congress. Visit ABC News to learn more Image Credit: VCU

A bill to reform the process for certifying the election of the President of the United States has passed the House of Representatives, 229-203. 9 Republicans - including the bill’s co-author, outgoing Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) - joined 220 Democrats to vote in its favor. The bill increases the threshold required to raise an objection to an electoral count from one member of each congressional chamber to one-third of the members of each chamber. The bill also clarifies that the Vice President’s role in

Enough Texas Democrats have returned from Washington, D.C. to the Texas State House to end the party’s 38-day stand against Republican-sponsored election reforms. The bill that Democrats in the Texas House of Representatives had hoped to defeat has already passed the Texas State Senate and will likely be signed by Governor Greg Abbott in the coming weeks. Some frustration and disagreement between the state’s Democrats has been expressed to the press since enough members of the party have relented to allow for the bill

Black civil rights leaders conducted a virtual, closed-door meeting with Joe Manchin (D-WV), the Senate’s lone Democratic holdout against the For The People Act, a sweeping voting rights bill. In addition to trying to win his support for the bill, civil rights leaders urged the Senator to reconsider his opposition to ending the filibuster, a procedural tactic which makes it necessary for a supermajority of Senators to approve of a bill before it reaches a final vote. One of the civil rights leaders at