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Despite the lack of evidence of widespread voter fraud, the Texas Senate seems intent on raising the penalty for voting illegally from a misdemeanor to a second-degree felony. State Senator Bryan Hughes filed Senate Bill 2 on February 23rd, which would both make illegal voting a felony and change the standard for determining someone's intent who has illegally voted. Currently, an individual violates the law when they “knowingly or intentionally” vote or try to vote in an election in which they “know they’re not

Election administrators across the state of Texas have faced increased scrutiny and stress since the 2020 election cycle. Since the election, supporters of President Donald Trump have sent a barrage of public information requests to election offices across the state, including those in the smallest and reddest Texas counties where Trump won handsomely. The increasing demand has left many workers burnt out. According to the secretary of state's office, 30% of Texas election workers have left their jobs since 2020; in one county, the

After accepting several amendments offered by the Democratic minority, Republicans of the Texas House have sent a controversial voting bill to a conference committee, where its final form will be decided.  While a growing public outcry against the bill means certain provisions have been modified to make the legislation less restrictive, Republican control of the Texas government makes it likely that the final version of the bill will remain unacceptable to many voting rights advocates and Democrats.  Additionally, the revision process in the conference