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U.S. Representative and candidate for Florida Governor Charlie Crist has written a letter to the U.S. Attorney General requesting support in defense of the state’s voting rights, which he argues are under threat. Among other concerns, Representative Crist’s letter calls attention to a newly created Office of Elections and Security. The letter expresses fears that the limits of the new office are so vague that it could be allowed to investigate virtually anyone in the state for any reason and even interfere with the

Several voting rights advocacy organizations have filed for a temporary injunction against a portion of Florida’s newly drawn Congressional elections map. The temporary injunction is sought in order to maintain the integrity of District 5 for the August 23rd primaries. The sprawling district currently encompasses several Black communities and is represented by a Black Member of Congress. Voting rights organizations argue that dissolving this constituency violates the Fair Districting Amendment in the state’s own constitution.            Visit the Tampa Bay Times to learn moreImage Credit: DonkeyHotey(CC