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Stephanie Scott, a small town clerk accused of improperly handling voting equipment after casting doubt on President Joe Biden’s election victory faces a recall election Tuesday in one of Michigan’s most conservative counties. Scott allegedly refused to allow a contractor to perform preventive maintenance on election equipment and failed to conduct accuracy tests, among other issues. She was stripped of her duties in October 2021. When the Hillsdale County clerk's office eventually seized an election tabulator and a voter assist terminal, they discovered the

Senate Bill 8, a voting rights reform bill, has cleared another hurdle through the New Mexico State House (also known as “the Roundhouse”). Analysts predict the bill, if passed, could turn ten thousand more New Mexicans into active voters. The bill would allow for a permanent absentee ballot list, require only a social security number to register to vote, allow those convicted of felonies to vote even if still on probation or parole, and allow 17 year olds to vote in some elections. The