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Between July 11th and August 11th of this year, the Maricopa County elections office recorded at least 140 combative and potentially dangerous communications against election workers according to a lengthy document obtained by Reuters. Many of the threats stemmed from conspiracy theories regarding the 2020 presidential election spread by former president Donald Trump and his allies. These conspiracies had to do with false claims about fake ballots, fixed voting machines, corruption among election officials, and more. Threatening emails sent to election workers were often

The US Supreme Court is scheduled to hear a case this October 4th on congressional redistricting decisions in Alabama. Voting rights activists have sued the state for packing a substantial number of Black Americans into one congressional district in order to dilute the rest of the Black population’s voting power across the state. Many observers who agree with the activists’ argument are nevertheless concerned that if the Supreme Court’s conservative super-majority of justices rules in favor of the state of Alabama, the decision could

The US Senate appears likely to pass within the coming months a bill to reform how electoral votes for the President of the United of the States are certified in Congress. The bill, a version of which has already passed the House of Representatives, would raise the threshold of votes needed for congressional objections to be brought against a state’s electoral counts, making it more difficult for congress members to question the results of an election. The legislation would also clarify that the role

Civil and voting rights activists are planning a day of marches across the United States on August 28th, in order to pressure Congress to act on what they say are urgently needed voting law reforms. The effort is being led by Martin Luther King III, Alejandro Chavez (grandson of labor and civil rights activist Caesar Chavez), and the Rev. Al Sharpton. Major marches are scheduled to take place in Atlanta, Houston, Miami, and Phoenix, along with a march in Washington, D.C.Visit Axios to learn

The Washington state Senate has approved a bill to automatically restore voting rights to convicted felons on probation or parole. The bill is expected to be signed by Governor Jay Inslee, ensuring that every state citizen who is not incarcerated can vote.Visit Axios to learn more.Image credit: Richard Bauer (CC BY 2.0)  Voter Education Week Young adults will be the nation’s largest voting bloc in the upcoming election and the National Voter Education Week plans to equip them with the tools and information they need to