Over 140 threats against election workers recorded in Maricopa County

Between July 11th and August 11th of this year, the Maricopa County elections office recorded at least 140 combative and potentially dangerous communications against election workers according to a lengthy document obtained by Reuters. Many of the threats stemmed from conspiracy theories regarding the 2020 presidential election spread by former president Donald Trump and his allies. These conspiracies had to do with false claims about fake ballots, fixed voting machines, corruption among election officials, and more. Threatening emails sent to election workers were often extremely violent including one message saying officials “will all be executed,” and another saying officials will have, “Wire around their limbs and [be] tied & dragged by a car.” In addition to threats, election workers’ personal information has been spread online, including photos of them arriving at work. Some temporary election workers have even quit their jobs after being accosted outside a ballot-counting center. These threats come in addition to concerns and complaints of voter intimidation in the county, where throughout the early voting period people dressed in tactical gear supervised drop boxes for mail-in ballots.

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Image Credit: Flagvisioner (CC0 1.0)