Body Camera Footage Reveals Confusion Over Florida Gov. Desantis’ Voter Fraud Arrests

Police body camera footage shared with CBS News shows multiple citizens arrested by Governor Ron Desantis’ Office of Election Crimes and Security fraud seemed to have no knowledge of why they were being arrested and appeared to be unaware that they were violating state law when they voted. The body camera footage shows the arrests of three of the twenty people thus far arrested for allegedly breaking the state’s election laws on felon voting. One of the three citizens arrested, Romona Oliver, registered to vote in February 2020 and updated her address in August 2020. Mrs. Oliver was granted a voter ID card both times by Florida’s Department of State, the office that handles voter roles and reports directly to Governor Desantis. Oliver was taken off the voting rolls in March, but according to Florida’s Department of State, she registered to vote as a Democrat recently on May 24th. When asked for comment, Mark Rankin, Mrs. Oliver’s attorney, said that, “Mrs. Oliver is not guilty and looks forward to her day in court. There is no room for political theater in the criminal justice system.” Cecile Scoon, the president of the nonpartisan League of Women voters of Florida, emphasized “great concern” that voters targeted by the newly created election task force are low income and do not have access to their own lawyers.

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Image Credit: Matt Johnson (CC BY 2.0)