2024 Contest Comes Into View With Hurdles for Both Parties

Republicans and Democrats are both entering 2023 with many questions and concerns about the candidates and policies they want to support as the 2024 election comes into view. After a disappointing midterm election, the challenges of the upcoming election cycle are especially prevalent for Republicans. With a slim congressional majority and a plethora of intra-party divisions, California Representative Kevin McCarthy is fighting for the House speakership. Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee hopes to solve its own leadership problem with the election for RNC Chairperson in late January. Former President Donald Trump factors into the disagreement among conservatives and is still hoping to influence Republicans in Congress; RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel emphasized the parties need to overcome the division within their ranks saying, “there’s so much at stake that we can’t afford to be divided heading into 2024.” For the moment, Democrats seem to be more united than their Republican counterparts, but much of that hinges on whether 80-year-old President Joe Biden will carry on with his plans to run for re-election. Though they may be more united than the Republicans, Democrats still have significant disagreements within their ranks. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders expressed dismay over changes within the electorate stating, “It pains me very, very much that we’re seeing more and more working-class people voting Republican […] Politically, that is a disaster, and Democrats have to recognize that serious problem and address it.” Many political insiders are speculating whether or not Sanders himself will once again seek the nomination in 2024. In regard to any Presidential ambitions Sanders responded, “I’ll make a decision at the appropriate time,” adding that “People need to breathe.”

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