Texas AG Ken Paxton’s impeachment points to tumultuous 2024 election

On Saturday Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was impeached on 20 articles of wrongdoing and his fate will now be decided by a trial in the Texas Senate, where it will take a two-thirds vote to remove him from office. Paxton’s legal quagmires date back to his primary campaign in 2014, where he was accused and eventually indicted on securities fraud charges which are still being litigated in court. Paxton is also under investigation for bribery allegations and a $3.3 million dollar tab, which the Attorney General attempted to force upon taxpayers, for his settlement with whistleblowers in his office who alerted officials to Paxton’s dealings with Austin real estate developer Nate Paul. It remains up in the air whether Paxton will be ousted from office, a challenging proposition largely because of his support from hard-right Republicans and former President Donald Trump.

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