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On Saturday Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was impeached on 20 articles of wrongdoing and his fate will now be decided by a trial in the Texas Senate, where it will take a two-thirds vote to remove him from office. Paxton’s legal quagmires date back to his primary campaign in 2014, where he was accused and eventually indicted on securities fraud charges which are still being litigated in court. Paxton is also under investigation for bribery allegations and a $3.3 million dollar tab, which

In an effort to increase citizens’ confidence in the integrity of the election process and encourage them to turnout and vote, officials of Tarrant County, Texas are inviting members of the public to witness and participate in the state mandated tests of the voting machines. Those participating will have the opportunity to fill out an absentee ballot or an in-person ballot and run it through ballot scanners.         Visit The Dallas Evening News to learn moreImage Credit: LarsPlougmann (CC BY-SA 2.0)