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Cleta Mitchell, a top GOP election lawyer who worked with then-President Donald Trump to try to overturn the 2020 election, caused a stir when she told Republican donors that the party should be making it more challenging for college students to vote in key states. With Republicans now holding veto-proof majorities in both of North Carolina's chambers, Mitchell believes the party has an opportunity to crack down on students voting in the state. In addition to North Carolina, Mitchell also discussed Wisconsin, Michigan, and

Virginia is one of three states, along with Kentucky and Iowa, whose laws allow for permanent disenfranchisement of people convicted of felonies. Several high-profile Democrats in Virginia, including Governor Ralph Northam, are seeking to change that by pushing for a state constitutional amendment which restores voting rights to convicted felons upon their release from prison. There is an alternative amendment being proposed by some Virginia state legislatures which would allow felons to vote while in prison. Currently, only Vermont, Maine, and Washington, D.C. allow