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Texas state lawmakers passed a broad and controversial new election law in 2021 that mandates the purchase of voting technology that does not currently exist. Sponsors of the new provision claim the legislation aims to prevent cheating in elections by preventing the use of certain technology to count votes and store cast-ballot data. The new law will go into effect prior to the November 2026 general election, immediately prohibiting the use of millions of dollars worth of voting equipment. With no new technology currently

Republican State Senator Kel Seliger has signed his name to a sworn statement that he believes his party unlawfully discriminated against voters of color when it recently redrew the lines for Senate District 10. Seliger, who once encountered a similar accusation when he himself led the Texas Senate’s redistricting committee in the previous decade, will not be seeking re-election himself in 2022. The multiple-day hearing before a panel of federal judges is just one of many legal challenges being brought against the state and