Rightwing mega-donors drift back to Trump as election rematch looms

Donald Trump’s efforts to court rightwing billionaires into financing his presidential campaign are bearing fruit as some donors who supported him four years ago, but then gave their money to his primary rivals, are returning to the former president. During a visit to Las Vegas last month, Trump successfully wooed Robert Bigelow who previously donated to Desantis’s failed presidential campaign. Bigelow pledged $20 million to Trump’s campaign along with another $1 million towards the ever mounting cost of Trump’s legal woes. Bigelow is just one of several donors who have recently decided to support the former president financially. While many big donors had raised concerns regarding the potential chaos Trump brings to the White House, it appears those worries are less important than their opposition to taxes funding welfare, laws to protect the environment, and worker rights and anti-monopoly laws.

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