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New York state legislators are scrambling to extend temporary voting rights policies set to expire in 2022, after an attempt to make these measures permanent through ballot questions failed last November. Some Democrats blame a well-funded Republican campaign for the voters’ decision not to change the state’s constitution to allow for same-day voter registration and expanded mail-in ballot access. Now, New York Democrats are trying to pass a law that would push the deadline for voter registration back from 25 days before an election

New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed a bill to automatically restore voting rights to anyone who has been released from prison. Gov. Cuomo’s office has been restoring voting rights to most of the state’s parolees through executive orders, but the passage of this bill will restore these rights to even more formerly incarcerated people and much more quickly.  A contentious political primary in New York is scheduled for June 22nd and anyone released from prison before May 28th will have the opportunity