President Trump fired CISA head Chris Krebs on Twitter Tuesday, in direct response to that agency’s release of a report detailing the evidence that no votes were tampered with during this month’s elections – evidence the President has consistently ignored in favor of conspiracy theories with no basis in fact. Visit CNN to learn more.

Record numbers of Americans are voting early and by mail this year, but when these ballots can be processed and counted varies from state to state. Notably, in two key battleground states—Pennsylvania and Wisconsin—election officials cannot begin processing or counting early ballots until Election Day at the earliest. CNN has created a map illustrating when early ballots can be processed.Visit CNN to learn more. 

A list of some notable ballot questions which states will be voting on this Election Day. Ballot questions are laws or state constitutional amendments which are approved or rejected directly by eligible voters. Highlights include: allowing 17-year-olds to vote in California, asking voters in Mississippi to approve or reject the new state flag design after the previous flag (which included the Confederate battle emblem) was retired, and Puerto Rico’s referendum on whether or not they wish to become a state.Visit CNN to learn more.