A recent study from the Sentencing Project estimates that over 5.1 million Americans cannot vote because of felony convictions. Felon disenfranchisement laws vary from state to state. Only two states (Vermont and Maine) allow convicted felons to vote while in prison, while the remaining 48 states deny felons voting rights until they are released from prison, complete their sentence, or permanently. These laws have a disproportionate effect on African-Americans and Latinos.Visit CNN to learn more.Click here to read the Sentencing Project's full study.Image courtesy

While many Americans are opting to vote by mail this election, many are also expected to cast their ballots in person. For some, this will require waiting in line for hours. Two non-partisan organizations, Feed the Polls (which is partnering with Zagat, The Infatuation, and The Migrant Kitchen) and Pizza the Polls (which is partnering with Uber Eats), are pledging to serve food to tens of thousands of voters and poll workers across the country on Election Day. Feed the Polls is specifically focusing

Bea Lumpkin is a 102-year-old former Chicago school teacher who has never missed an election since she first became eligible to vote. She told CNN that, “The most important reason to vote in this election is that there’s so much at stake, more than any other vote I’ve cast, because of the great challenge to the survival of our democracy.” On top of the survival of our democracy, Bea lists health care, racism, climate change, wealth inequality, and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic among her

More Than A Vote, the voting rights organization led by LeBron James, and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund announced that they have recruited 10,000 new poll workers to serve in primarily Black voting districts during the general election in November. More Than A Vote and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund’s next push will be to get new poll workers to sign up in nearly a dozen key cities. You can find More Than A Vote on our Voting Organizations page. Visit CNN to learn more.