Students turn out to vote in large numbers

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire students recorded the highest levels of voter turnout across the city in the recent Wisconsin Supreme Court election. Of the 77 voting wards in Eau Claire, Ward 20, which contains all of the Upper Campus student residence halls, had the highest voter participation with 882 ballots cast. This represents a remarkable increase from the previous election last spring when Ward 20 recorded only 76 votes. UW-Eau Claire professor of political science Rodd Freitag attributes the high student turnout to a combination of ideological issues like abortion which are particularly important to young voters and organized campaigning which informed students about the issues and how to cast their ballot. Dr. Freitag also emphasized that this increase in young voter participation is not an isolated incidence but rather a sign that young adults and Generation Z are making a difference in elections which should continue in the coming years.

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