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State lawmakers in the Republican-controlled Arizona House have passed legislation along party-lines to change mail-in voting laws and restrict early voting eligibility.  If the bill is approved by the state’s Republican-majority Senate and signed by Republican Governor Doug Ducey, the requirements to stay on Arizona’s permanent early voter list will be altered.  Arizonans who have not voted in the last four elections (including primaries) and have failed to respond to a final notice will be removed from the list.  There is concern that this

Since the end of the 2020 election, states have taken wildly divergent approaches to voting reform legislation. While some, including Georgia and Iowa, have passed laws which critics claim will reduce access to the ballot box, others, including Maryland and Massachusetts, are expanding access. In this report, NPR highlights four states where restrictive measures are being considered and have a strong chance of becoming law: Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Michigan.Visit NPR to learn more.  Voter Education Week Young adults will be the nation’s largest voting bloc in

The leaders of major Michigan-based companies, including General Motors and Ford, have signed a statement expressing support for “equitable access to the ballot” and opposition to “actions that reduce participation in elections.” This statement was issued as the Republican-led Michigan Senate begins to consider a slate of proposals which opponents claim will make voting harder. These proposals include requiring photo ID to vote in person and request an absentee ballot and restricting access to ballot drop boxes.Visit CBS News to learn more.  Voter Education Week Young adults

Lawmakers in Missouri are considering a bill which would prohibit the unsolicited mailing of absentee ballot applications to voters. The measure is being supported by Republicans who claim it will help prevent voter fraud. Democrats oppose the measure as an unnecessary roadblock to mail-in voting and likelihood to prevent any real fraud from taking place.Visit the Columbia Missourian to learn more.  Voter Education Week Young adults will be the nation’s largest voting bloc in the upcoming election and the National Voter Education Week plans to equip

The Arkansas state Senate has passed bills concerning absentee ballots. The bill in question prohibits election officials from sending voters unsolicited absentee ballot applications and requires that a voter’s absentee ballot signature match the one on their voter registration application. The bill passed along party lines, with Republicans voting in favor and Democrats (and one independent) voting against. Visit the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette to learn more. Image Credit: Jimmy Smith (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) Voter Education Week Young adults will be the nation’s largest voting bloc in the upcoming