February 2023

Representative Adam Schiff announced Thursday that he will be running for Senator Dianne Feinstein’s seat in what is bound to be a competitive Democratic primary. At 89 years old, Feinstein has faced criticism regarding her fitness for the job and she has yet to announce whether she plans to seek a full sixth term. Fellow California Representative Katie Porter also announced her intention to campaign for the seat earlier this month and multiple sources informed CNN that Rep. Barbara Lee told her colleagues in

Ohio’s recently passed election law notably shortens the window for mailed ballots to be received, despite no evidence that the extended timeline led to any fraud or irregularities in prior elections. This change has angered many active duty service members and their families who are concerned about their potential to be disenfranchised by the new regulations. The new law shortens the amount of time for election officials to include mailed ballots in their tallies from ten days after the election to four. Critics of

United States Senator and 2016 Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine said recently that he will seek reelection in 2024. Given the lengthy two-year campaign and six-year term, Kaine had declined to declare his candidacy, but the Senator announced last week that he feels he has more to accomplish. At a press conference on Friday Kaine said, “I’m a servant. I love Virginia. I’m proud of what I’ve done. I’ve got a whole lot more I want to do.” Senator Kaine’s announcement comes as a

Arizona Democratic Representative Ruben Gallego announced he will seek the nomination for the Senate this Monday, attempting to defeat incumbent and newly independent Senator Kyrsten Sinema. Sinema, who recently changed her party affiliation from Democrat to Independent, has been an important swing vote throughout her time in the legislature. Gallego claims his decision to challenge Sinema is not due to her leaving the Democratic Party, but rather because she has not kept her promises to the citizens of Arizona. Gallega emphasized this point saying

New Hampshire Democrats are pushing President Biden not to change the party’s primary calendar, claiming proposed changes will “wreak havoc” in the state. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) voted last month to make South Carolina the first state to cast ballots in the primary lineup, taking New Hampshire out of its early spot and removing Iowa as the first caucus state. Democrats, including two former U.S. lawmakers, a former governor, and more than a dozen other New Hampshire Democrats argue that shifting the state