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A recent poll by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics indicates that young voters still find abortion protections to be a key factor in their voting decisions a year and a half after the United States Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. The survey showed individuals aged 18-29 were twice as likely to  describe themselves as “pro-choice” than as “pro life.” Over half of registered young voters also stated they will “definitely vote” next year if an abortion-related referendum is on their state ballot.Visit U.S.

New Hampshire has historically been one of the most competitive states in the nation between Democrats and Republicans, but that trend may be changing. Since Trump has become increasingly dominant in the Republican Party New Hampshire citizens have been less interested in the GOP. Since 2016 Democrats have won every federal race in the state. Demographics may play a significant role in this development with a high percentage of New Hampshire residents holding a bachelor's degree and supporting abortion rights, among other factors. Visit