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Florida Governor Ron Desantis has suspended his Republican presidential campaign and endorsed Donald Trump. The decision leaves only former President Donald Trump and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley in the running to become the Republican nominee. The governor's endorsement of Trump is especially notable given the constant, often deeply personal, taunts the former President has directed at Desantis over the past year. Insults directed at Desantis’ by Trump include “pudding fingers,” “Ron DeSanctimonious,” “meatball Ron,” “Rob” (evidently forgetting the governor's name), and many more.Visit

Youtube has decided to stop removing content that falsely claims the 2020 election or other U.S. presidential elections were fraudulent or marred with “fraud, errors, or glitches.” The decision is a major reversal for the google owned video service, which began a policy of removing new posts that falsely claimed widespread voter fraud or errors changed the outcome one month after the last presidential election. In a recent blog post, Youtube representatives claimed the policy change is an attempt to protect users ability to,