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A bipartisan Senate deal pairing Ukraine aid with border enforcement measures is facing a potential collapse as Senate Republicans grow increasingly wary of an election year compromise. Republican opposition increased after former President Donald Trump weighed in on his social media platform claiming the deal was “meaningless” and “another Gift to the Radical Left Democrats” as Biden seeks re-election. Visit PBS NewsHour to learn moreImage Credit:Eric Haynes (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 DEED)

After multiple years of criticizing mail voting and so-called ballot harvesting as “ripe for fraud,” Republican party leaders want to change their strategy. The GOP now plans to launch ambitious get-out-the-vote campaigns for 2024, endeavoring to match the emphasis on early voting that Democrats have used for years to lock in their supporters prior to election day. The goal is to encourage voters who support Republican candidates that early voting techniques are secure and to make sure they turn in their ballots in time

Florida Governor Ron Desantis formally launched his 2024 presidential campaign last week but disastrous technical difficulties from the Twitter platform where he chose to launch his candidacy affirmed the popular opinion that Desantis may not be ready for the national stage. During the announcement with Twitter CEO Elon Musk the audio stream crashed repeatedly, making it almost impossible for those tuning in to hear the new presidential candidate in real time. Desantis’ competitors on the right were not shy with their opinions of the