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Two former Georgia election workers, Wandrea “Shaye” Moss and her mother Ruby Freeman, who sued Rudy Giuliani for spreading lies about them during the 2020 election have been awarded $148 million in damages. Giuliani’s comments upended the election workers' lives by prompting many followers of former President Donald Trump to target them with racist threats and harassment.Visit PBS News Hour to learn moreImage Credit:Marc Nozelle (CC BY 2.0 DEED)

The North Carolina Supreme Court has thrown out previous rulings that determined both redistricting maps to be excessively partisan and a photo voter identification law to be infected with racial bias. Notably, the ruling comes after a partisan shift of the State Supreme Court, which gained a Republican majority after the election of two GOP justices. The previous ruling had taken place when the Democrats held a 4-3 majority. The 5-2 decision is a major win for Republicans in North Carolina and will likely