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Harrison Kemp, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Maine, hopes a new law will help his party grow within the state. LD 769, a bill written by Kemp and recently signed by Governor Mills, lowers the barrier to entry for parties looking to make it on to the ballot in state elections from a minimum of 10,000 to 5,000 registered voters. Kemp and Jim Baines, the Libertarian Party of Maine’s treasurer, believe the new law will increase their visibility within the state and force

Maine is expected to vote in the state Legislature this month to elect its governor using ranked-choice voting, potentially becoming the second state to elect its governor using the new method. Alaska is the only state that currently uses ranked-choice voting to elect its governor, but both Maine and Alaska use the ranked-choice voting in presidential and congressional primaries. Supporters of ranked-choice voting say it deters “spoiler” candidates and encourages cooperation, civility, and moderation.  Visit News Center Maine to learn moreImage Credit:MoneyforCoffee (Public Domain Certification)