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 Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger has announced he will be making public a list of 102,000 names scheduled to be purged from the state’s voter rolls. Voters will have forty days to respond and reactivate their registrations. Voters who do not respond in time will have to register again if they wish to vote. Georgia’s last round of purges in 2019 deregistered over 300,000 voters.  Visit the Associated Press to learn more. Image Credit: Jonathan Schilling (CC BY-SA 3.0) 

Republicans in the Ohio House have introduced new legislation to revise state election law. The bill would forbid ballot drop boxes from being stationed at any location other than a local elections office. It would also restrict the amount of time voters have to apply for a mail-in ballot and increase the number of ID forms required to apply for an absentee ballot. While the bill contains many restrictive provisions, it would also create an online application form for absentee ballots and broaden the

A call from Pennsylvanian Republicans for stricter voter ID requirements has been met with a swift rejection by the office of Democratic Governor Tom Wolf.  Gov. Wolf has indicated a willingness to work with the Pennsylvania legislature’s Republican majority on a bipartisan overhaul of the state’s election laws, but any effort to tighten voter ID requirements appears to be a non-starter. Visit the Associated Press to learn more.Image Credit: Governor Tom Wolfe  (CC BY 2.0)  Voter Education Week Young adults will be the nation’s largest voting bloc in

Louisiana state senators have advanced a bill that would change the process by which voting machines are evaluated and acquired. The bill is designed to make the process more transparent, increase legislative oversight, and expand the number of voting systems that may be considered. Some critics of Louisiana’s current system argue that the bill does not go far enough. Citing unsubstantiated theories that voting machines in the 2020 election were used to carry out fraud, some are calling to replace the machines with paper

To comply with a court order in September, Tennessee has altered its identification requirements for most first-time voters voting by mail. First-time voters who wish to vote by mail will be allowed to include a photocopy of their proof of address with their ballot. Under Tennessee law, this does not need to have a photo. The state is also appealing the court’s decision.Visit AP News to learn more.