Ohio Supreme Court rules in favor of August election that could preserve abortion ban

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled last week in a 4-3 decision that an August election scheduled by Republican lawmakers, which could make it harder for abortion rights supporters to amend the state constitution, can proceed. The ballot measure in the upcoming election allows voters to decide whether to raise the threshold of support required for future state constitutional amendments to 60%, currently only a majority is needed. The ruling is a significant blow to reproductive rights advocates, who had filed a suit to prevent the election from proceeding on the grounds that earlier this year Ohio Republicans had enacted a different law which scrubbed most special elections in August from the states calendar due to expenses and low turnout. Supporters of bodily autonomy question why Republican leaders changed the standard for August special elections so quickly and dramatically, many believe that the GOP leaders only reversed themselves on the issue because if the threshold measure is passed it could prevent the approval of a proposed amendment in November to enshrine abortion rights into the state’s constitution.

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bearclau (CC BY 2.0)