Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election, defeating Donald Trump by 74 electoral votes and over seven million popular votes.

Biden’s victory included flipping  Michigan, Wisconsin & Pennsylvania. Three states Trump won in 2016. Biden became the first Democratic presidential candidate to win Georgia & Arizona since the 1990s.  

In response to his loss...  Donald Trump and his allies have  spread the lie   that widespread voter fraud took place and swayed the 2020 election in Biden’s favor.

Republican lawmakers across the country have used this lie to justify introducing a series of bills they claim will increase election security and  restore voter confidence in the electoral process. 

According to the Brennan Center for Justice, as of March 24,  361 bills restricting access  to the ballot box have been introduced in 47 states. 

These bills restrict access to absentee/mail-in voting, impose stricter ID requirements, cut opportunities for early voting, make voter registration harder, and make voter roll purges easier.

Texas, Arizona, and Georgia lead the nation in the number of restrictive bills introduced.

Georgia, Iowa, Arkansas, and Utah have already turned some of these restrictive bills into law, while dozens more bills are actively making their way through state legislatures across the country.

Voting rights advocates argue that the bills are designed to increase the likelihood of Republican victories by restricting access and suppressing turnout among likely Democratic voters, especially voters of color.

To counter these voter restriction efforts,  Congressional Democrats introduced the For the People Act, which would  blunt the impact of state-level restrictions by creating baseline guarantees at the federal level.

Additionally, over 840 bills have been introduced across 47 states to expand voting access and opportunities. Nine of these bills have already been signed into law.

The fates of  these bills depend on whether we the people choose to engage with our lawmakers.   

Visit the Brennan Center of Justice. There are many ways that YOU  can help tip the scales in this


Ensure Everyone Can Vote