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Colorado voters passed Proposition 113 this week, affirming their legislature’s decision to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact – an attempt to neutralize the Electoral College. If states with electoral votes totaling 270 or more agree to the compact, they would be bound to award their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote rather than their state’s results. Currently, it has been passed in 15 states and D.C., totaling 196 electoral votes.Visit Vox to learn more. 

Many believe that the reasons why young Americans do not vote in the same numbers as older Americans is because of apathy or a lack of ideologically-intriguing candidates. While that may be true for some, many other young Americans do not vote for logistical reasons, or in other words, “because their lives are not set up for it.” This article features interviews with three young Americans who detail the issues they faced while trying to vote.Visit Vox to learn more.