Author: caroline.b

Two recent polls have found that only 35% of Americans say that they will vote by mail in the general election, down from 50% in May. This decrease has multiple causes, including President Trump’s consistent (and unfounded) claims that voting by mail is flawed and fraudulent, worries over the U.S. Post Service’s ability to deliver mail-in ballots on time, and Democratic accusations of intentional disenfranchisement. This recent trend away from mail voting has local election officials scared about the prospect of long lines and

A primer on Ballot Question #2, concerning the adoption of ranked-choice voting, which voters in Massachusetts will decide this fall. The primer explains how ranked-choice voting works, what the ballot question proposes to do, what supporters and opponents are saying about ranked-choice voting, the potential cost of the ballot question, as well as who is funding the proposal and its opposition.Visit MassLive to learn more.

During his first presidential debate with former Vice President Joe Biden, President Donald Trump made a series of accusations regarding the security and reliability of mail-in ballots. This NBC News article tackles five specific claims made by the president and explains how they are misleading and/or false. There is no evidence that mail-in voting leads to widespread voter fraud.Visit NBC News to learn more.

Over one million people have cast their ballots in the 14 states which have begun early voting and report their data. The actual number of early votes cast thus far is likely higher because not all states report their early voting data. The increase is likely a response to voter interest in the 2020 election as well as concern over the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Visit Forbes to learn more.